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Resorts Magazine creates a new standard of credibility for the reader.
It presents only destinations visited by the editorial staff. Its rankings reflect a judgement that comes from the decades of experience of its experts.
Every issue is a discovery (or rediscovery) of magic places, where one can live experiences of hospitality that represent the state of the art of the sector.
The magazine is an indispensable travel companion for those who want the best from resorts, city hotels, spas and cruises.

Resorts Magazine is directed by Ovidio Guaita

Ovidio Guaita


He founded the magazine in 2005 and has been its director ever since.
Over 160 countries visited, about thirty published volumes and a thousand accommodations visited, these are the numbers of Ovidio.

Lawrence Taylor

Senior Editor

Co-founder of the magazine together with Ovidio, he is the editor-in-chief and responsible for the English edition.
He is a member of the International Club of Great Travelers and has visited 107 countries.

Paolo Gerbaldo


Journalist, college teacher and great traveler. Specializing in the history of hospitality, he is the author of a guide to the best colonial hotels in the world.
He is a member of the International Club Great Travelers and has visited 121 countries.

Alessandra Jovinelli


Young journalist, always attentive to detail. Feared reviewer, she is known for her attention to the many aspects of luxury hospitality.

Pamela McCourt Francescone


In addition to Resorts Magazine, Pamela collaborates with Luxury Travel Advisor.
A Far East expert, she often travels to Myanmar where, with her foundation, she is responsible for humanitarian projects.

Roberto Sessoli

Photographer & Videomaker

Expert in video shooting with camera and drone, he is also a skilled photographer.
His photos are those in the volumes on Ecuador and Rapa Nui edited by Maria Coscarelli.

Elsa Bozzaotra


Expert of Northern Europe, Elsa prefers city hotels and structures surrounded by greenery. He is a lover of slow travel and Anglo-Saxon high tea.

Paolo Levi


Paolo is a tireless reviewer of the best five-star hotels. As a member of the Italian Academy of Cuisine, Chevalier de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs and Sommelier of AIS Italian Association of Sommelier, he is very attentive to the food and wine offering of the properties visited.

Maria Coscarelli


A great connoisseur of Latin America, Maria is passionate about exotic places and the sea. He has edited a photographic volume on Ecuador and another one on Rapa Nui.

Riccardo Casano


Riccardo is a journalist and a photography enthusiast. He moves frequently and is an indefatigable narrator of his travel experiences.

Agnese Frullatori

Journalist & Consultant

An indefatigable traveler, Agnese edits the texts for the English edition.

Daniela Libero

Journalist & PR

Daniela is a journalist and takes care of public relations for the magazine.

Luca Frassi


Luca is a well travelled writer. He is member of the Century's Great Voyagers.

Federica Donato


Federica also shares her stories, advice and travel ideas on her Instagram profile @federicadonato__94.


Apart from the paper edition, Resorts Magazine is consultable online with a PC or Mac and on iPhone and iPad using the app downloadable on App Store.
The printed version is 21x25 cm (8x10"), in two editions, English and Italian. 130 pages on average.


The readers are individuals with a high profile interested in new top-of-the-line products.

The target is the consumer market. In particular the group profile of good to excellent, of high income, composed of individuals with high school or university degree, between the ages of 35 and 54, who live primarily in medium-size to large urban areas. The magazine is also proposed to the trade sector. In fact, 15,000 copies are distributed to travel agents, tour operators, hotels, tourism boards and airlines.

Two editions English and Italian.

Quarterly (4 issues).

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