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From the decades-long experience of RESORTS MAGAZINE comes a revolutionary photography service for hotels and resorts, designed to capture the beauty and uniqueness of a property using only natural light.

Thanks to innovative software, we maximize ambient light, ensuring extremely high-quality shots without the use of lamps. This approach not only preserves the authenticity and atmosphere of the spaces but also emphasizes the natural elegance that guests will experience.

Each image undergoes optimization through an emotional editing process, transforming nice photos into extraordinary images capable of evoking emotions. Our team of editing experts uses cutting-edge techniques to enhance the atmosphere of the spaces by adjusting lights, contrasts, and details.

Simple images thus become powerful visual narratives that not only showcase but also emotionally engage, selling the destination.

We don't sell a photographic service; we sell the magic of a property.

Get ready to see your property like never before.

1. Exteriors

During the day, at the golden hour, and even at the blue hour. Whether it's daytime, sunset, or night, the hotel will always present itself at its best.

2. Lobby

With or without guests and staff, well-lit and without the hindrance of cables and lamps.

3. Restaurants

During the day or in the evening, these spaces in the images will maintain their original atmosphere, and if desired, we can enhance it.

5. Mixology

We enhance the creativity of your bartenders by showcasing the shapes and colors of the cocktails on the menu.

4. F&B

A food photo that doesn't stimulate salivation is just a nice photo, but it doesn't sell the dish. Ours sell the dish, the chef, and the restaurant.

6. Spa

These are usually the most challenging shots due to poor lighting. This is where technique and technology come to the rescue to showcase the spaces at their best.

7. Pool

Indoor or outdoor, during the day or at the blue hour (like the one above), we know that the pool image "sells" the destination, so it must be perfect.

8. Rooms & Suites

Here lies the difference between a correct photo (good framing, lighting, and perspective) and an evocative image that excites the viewers and makes them say, "I want to go there."

9. Activities

Depending on the types, whether common or unusual, it's much better to show them than to describe them.

10. Staff

The staff personifies the property; every photo featuring them must be perfect (as well as the photo release).

Timing & Pricing

The basic package includes:

  • Preliminary briefing with the Director of Communication & Marketing
  • Shooting schedule based on occupancy and other requirements
  • Possible night-time and/or dawn shoots to avoid guests
  • Consultation on set preparation
  • Shooting of 10 subjects (generally those listed above)
  • On request, inclusion of shots during golden and blue hours
  • Creation of different framings for each subject
  • Selection of the 10 best framings
  • Standard editing and emotional editing of the selected 10 framings
  • Web, print, and commercial rights, without territorial limitations


  • 1 day of shooting
  • 1 to 3 nights' stay at the property depending on the shoots, locations, etc.
  • 1 week for framing selection and editing
  • Delivery in 10 working days


  • Basic package €5,000 (valid worldwide excluding travel expenses)
  • For each extra or variable, price based on the complexity of the shoots (narrow spaces, particularly dark areas, outdoor golden hour and/or blue hour) and the rights granted (digital reproduction, printing, territorial, commercial, etc.)

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The Photographer

The photos will be taken by Ovidio Guaita, a renowned international photographer who has collaborated, among others, with the Saudi Royal Family, the Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, the Sultanate of Oman, and major hotel chains. Ovidio has published over 30 photographic volumes published in Milan, Paris, London, New York, Riyadh, Tokyo, and Kuala Lumpur. He has visited 167 countries and taught Digital Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

"After nearly twenty years at Resorts Magazine, if there's one thing I've learned, it's how to take, choose, and edit hotel photos that sell."

Ovidio Guaita specializes in hospitality photography and has also published numerous guides about top hotels,all available on Amazon (click below to enlarge).

Editing of Existing Images

Our graphics can work on already taken photos to improve them. The results depend on the quality of the images provided.

Here are some examples.





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